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13 special videos on curated topics selected by RHB top retail research analysts to sharpen your investment knowledge. Topics ranging from Fundamental, Technical, Sectorial, Introduction to Warrants and Futures, presented to you exclusively by RHB Retail Equities.

Our Speakers

Joseph Chai

Head Retail Research, RHB Research

Joseph Chai joined RHB Research in Sep 2020 as Head of Retail Research. He now covers Technical Analysis on Malaysia equities and the futures market. Prior to joining the banking industry, he spent several years as a Technical Chartist at a renowned regional charting software company. He graduated from Nanyang Technological University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Queenie Tan

Retail Research Analyst

Queenie Tan has several years of experience in writing research reports in technical analysis and fundamental analysis for equities. She wrote trading idea for stocks across various industries including consumer, technology, utilities, construction, and non-bank financial institutions. She has now joined the RHB Retail Research team, and is tasked with uncovering gems in the market. In the past, she has successfully identified big names like Samchem, Genetec, Coraza, Sfptech, and Aurelius Technologies to name a few.

Sean Lim

CFA - Regional Sector Head, Oil & Gas

Sean Lim joined RHB Research in Sep 2019, covering utilities and oil and gas industries with 8 years of equity research experience in the energy sectors. He is a CFA charter holder and an ACCA affliate. Prior to joining equity research, he was a writer with the Edge.

Soong Wei Siang

Head of Regional Consumer

Wei Siang is the Head of Regional Consumer of RHB Research. Prior to joining RHB Research in 2016, he has worked in research houses of JF Apex Securities and Kenanga Investment Bank. He brings with him more than 10 years of experience in equity research, having covered consumer, construction, rubber gloves, transport and logistics, and automotive sector in Malaysia. Wei Siang is one of the winners of The Edge Best Call Awards 2022 with his call on Power Root. Wei Siang graduated with a Bachelor degree in Economics in 2011 from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM).

Nabil Thoo

Equity Research Analyst - Banks & NBFI SG

Nabil Thoo joined RHB Research in November 2021, covering banks and non-bank financial institutions. Prior to that, Nabil pursued an Bachelor's degree in Mathematics with Economics from University College London, where he graduated with a first class honours.

Zac Chooi

Head of Equity - Derivatives Origination

Zac Chooi joined the banking industry back in 2012, beginning his career as a management associate before joining the financial markets industry. Since then he has been building on his derivatives knowledge and is comfortable with various asset classes including FX, interest rates and equity. Zac holds a Masters of Finance degree from University of Melbourne. He is also a CFA charter holder and has attained the Advanced Financial Modeller qualification. He joined RHB investment bank in 2020 and currently heads the Origination desk of Group Equity Derivatives.

Al Emri Izzat Shah bin Albakri

Technical Research

Al Emri Izzat Shah bin Albakri has 11 years of working experience in the capital markets, serving as a Senior Manager of Retail Research Analyst with RHB Equity Research. Well known as a Technical Analyzer, he also writes Daily Reports on Equity Trading Stocks, Foreign and Local Futures product and a regular speaker for SIDC’s licensing exam course (Financial Statement Analysis & Asset Valuation module) as well since 2016.

Video Gallery

ILAB Series 2, Ep.01/03 – Spotting Up Trending Stocks with Financial Ratios

Uncover essential financial metrics and approach that our analysts utilize to spot upward-trending stocks through the application of financial ratios.

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ILAB Series 2, Ep.02/03 – Riding The Up Trending Stocks with Chart Patterns

Recognizing chart patterns, assessing trading volumes, and interpreting indicators that signal opportunities in stocks experiencing an upward trend.

Watch video

ILAB Series 2, Ep.03/03 – Strategy Revision, stock counters reviews.

Effective strategies, the performance of technically selected stocks and other valuable insights.

Watch video

ILAB #1 – Trend Trading Strategy : Breakout

Find out how to trade with technical approach using charting by identifying Breakout pattern, 3 Moving Avergae lines, Get in/out of a trend & etc.

Watch video

ILAB #2 – Bottom Fishing Strategy : Reversal

Find out how to identify the trend (Head & Shoulder, Double Bottom, Rebound and more) and trading opportunities.

Watch video

ILAB #3 – Price Volume Action : Candlestick

Basics of Candlestick Pattern. How to look at the top/bottom, volume, price action, breakaway gap and more.

Watch video

ILAB #4 – Basic Financial Number You Must Know

Understanding how analysts evaluate company performance based on financial reports. Learn about Core Earnings vs Reported Earnings, P/E ratio, EPS, Market Capitalization and more

Watch video

ILAB #5 – Understanding 4 Type of Statements in Financial Reports

Explore further on Profit Before Tax (PBT), Profit After Tax (PAT), Cashflow, Balance Sheets and more.

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ILAB #6 – Valuing Company Using Growth Forecast, Peers Comparison

Basics of company valuation using Income Statement. How do Price to Earnings (P/E), Price to Book (P/B), Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Sum of Parts (SOP) valuations help investors to determine market value.

Watch video

ILAB #7 – Sector Study : Technology, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Exporters

Introduction to the ecosystem for Technology and EMS sector, factors that affect the share price movements. Tips and Risks related to Technology and EMS sector.

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ILAB #8 – Sector Study : Oil & Gas (O&G)

Find out who are the key players for the industry. Factors that drive/disrupt the industry, sector’s structure introduction and methods used for valuation for O&G sector.

Watch video

ILAB #9 – Sector Study : Consumers

Overview and outlook of Consumers Sector’s stocks. Factors that affects the sector’s stocks, rising costs and cost absorption by consumers.

Watch video

ILAB #10 – Sector Study : Banks and Non-Bank Institutions (NBI)

How do analysts value a bank’s stock, identifying different banks’ strengths in different segments. Understanding bank’s Balance Sheet, CASA ratio, Income Statement, key ratios and results

Watch video

ILAB #11 – Leverage With Warrant

A guide to Warrants 101, plus how to choose a Warrant. How do experts applied theories to practical trading and how to use the warrant matrix.

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ILAB #12 – How Macroeconomic Affect Demand and Supply

Learn how the macroeconomic numbers/indicators affects the market’s demand and supply.
Relationships between GDP Growth, CPI Growth, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy and many more.

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ILAB #13 – Futures Trading

Beginner Guide To Futures Trading. Using Futures Trading as leverage to trading and how to apply technical analysis to trading.

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